This month's spotlight is on Ian Crawford. Ian is Director of Music at King's School Macclesfield. He is also the current director of ABCD's Cambiata North West Choir.  Ian learned about cambiata when he was a music teacher at Merchant Taylors' Boys' School in Liverpool.  With a choral background in cathedral music, incredible levels of energy and instinctive rapport with students he has gone from strength to strength to become a leading exponent of the BKS princples of cambiata.  He has produced cambiata arrangements for both OUP and Novello and is a sought after expert on how to KEEP BOYS SINGING.  In this video, he talks to Martin Ashley about how he got started and his work as an arranger for OUP's Emerging Voices 

If you are motivated to follow in Ian's footsteps, you could do a lot worse than contact Martin Ashley about a similar Y8 boys' voice day at your school.